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Silver Diamine FluorideThere are many ways to prevent the development of caries, one of them is silvering kids’ teeth – a technique based on the antibacterial, antiseptic properties of silver. This procedure has several unconditional advantages: speed, painlessness, and efficiency. Silver diamine fluoride acts as the main component of the drug, with the help of which silvering of teeth is carried out. All compounds of this kind have pronounced antiseptic properties.

When the silver diamine fluoride comes into contact with the enamel or dentin of the tooth, a chemical reaction occurs, in which compounds such as calcium fluoride and silver phosphate are formed. They can close the dental tubules and suppress the vital activity of bacteria, which cause caries. As a result, a protective film forms on the surface of the teeth, which prevents the deposition of pathogenic microorganisms on the enamel and prevents their penetration into the deeper layers of the tooth – dentin.

It’s recommended to use SDF in the following situations:

  • When a kid has severe early caries;
  • Patients with special needs;
  • Kids with series cavities that should be treated over several visits;
  • Kids who cannot sit still for treatment. 

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