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Dental Extractions

What are extractions? There are cases when a dentist decides to remove a tooth of a kid. The main reason for it may be its pronounced destruction, fracture, and widespread inflammation in the surrounding tissues. When it is impossible to carry out adequate full-fledged treatment, there is a danger of damage to the rudiment of a permanent dental element. Removal becomes the only possible way to prevent these risks for your kid.

When your kid’s dentist determines that a tooth should be removed, he may extract it during a regular checkup or schedule one more visit. As the rule, the procedure is very quick. Before the tooth removal, it’s also important to ensure that you led to feel as comfortable as possible and tell the doctor about your concerns and preferences for sedation.


Things to do after your child’s extraction:

  • It is necessary to carefully approach the care of the oral cavity on the first day after visiting the dentist. A sterile swab is placed in the socket of the extracted tooth. It can be removed only after 20-30 minutes. It is allowed to take warm and chopped food after a couple of hours and provided that the effect of anesthesia has ended.
  • It is important to remember that after tooth extraction, it is forbidden to intensively rinse the mouth during the first three days.
  • Watch your baby. Under the influence of an anesthetic drug, sensitivity decreases not only in the area of ​​removal but also in the cheeks. As a result of this, the child may begin to bite them, provoking the formation of an ulcer.
  • In order to avoid bleeding, you need to reduce the load for 5-7 days. If the child is involved in any kind of sports, they are required to refrain from training during the week.
  • Be sure to give all the medications the dentist has prescribed after tooth extraction to your child. This will help shorten the recovery period and prevent inflammation.

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