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It doesn’t matter how big or small you are, at My Tooth Fairy’s, we will treat your teeth with care and love and help you forget about any dental issues as quickly as possible. We care about the health of every little patient that comes to our clinic. Our doctors pass all the warmth of our hearts to you and your babies.

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It often happens that one disease leads to another. At such moments, the patient is confusedly looking for a specialist and does not know who to turn to. The solution to such problems must be complex. It is one of the principles of an integrated approach to solving problems that the work of our clinic is based on.

My Tooth Fairy’s is a clinic with decades-old medical traditions, which we carefully pass on to our doctors and use for the benefit of your child.

We have taken care of your comfort, and therefore every corner of our clinic is filled with coziness, which makes it resemble a hospitable house rather than a place where doctors work.

Our team is ready to serve you, bringing joy and warmth from heart to heart. Our clinic employs experienced, competent, and highly qualified specialists with extensive experience in their fields of work. We pay due attention to each client, we create all conditions for the procedure to be comfortable and efficient.

Our clinic uses new equipment, technologies, and developments. Our specialists are constantly working on improvement, professional development, and quality of services.

If you have any health problems – do not put them on the back burner, do not waste time, and contact us. We are always ready to listen to you and provide assistance because we know that the most valuable thing in life is health!

Children’s smiles are very precious and deserve gentle care combined with exceptional skills and years of experience. We are committed to being the best pediatric dentists — that’s why our dentistry services are designed with your kid’s specific needs in mind. We would like your children to look forward to trips to our office, that’s why we focus on making their visits positive and enjoyable.

We treat your children as if they were our own, and strive to provide the most caring, quality environment possible to make your child’s dental experience the best it can be. We want our office to be your “dental home” from the time your child is an infant to an adult, so you will always know where to go for all your dental needs.